Hitec Aurora 9 Case

May 31, 2012 by Brendon in DIY, Equipment

Ever since I bought the Hitec Aurora 9 I knew I needed to protect it more than my DX6i. Not because it can’t take a hit, but because it feels more worthy of it. I wanted to find a hard case for transporting my radio when going to FPV, storage at home, and to keep it locked away from my dog.

I started looking online and around town. I saw this post and checked out Walmart to see if I could find something similar. No such luck. I looked in to the official Hitec Aurora 9 hard case and thought it was to expensive ($99). I then looked at the local electronic shop (B&B Electronics) because I knew they had Pelican and Underwater Kinetics cases. I ended up getting a UK 6510 case for $49.99CDN, which is a great deal. They typically sell for $85 to $100 online.

I “picked and pulled” the inside foam to fit the Aurora 9 and made a little compartment below where it lays to fit the neck strap. The only issue I have with the case is that the neck strap balancer needs to be pushed to the side to fit better in the case. If you don’t move it to the side, it could puncture the lids foam when closed. The case is overkill (water and crush proof) but at least I know my radio is protected!

Hitec Aurora 9 UK Case closed


Hitec Aurora 9 UK case

Inside case

Hitec Aurora 9 UK inside case

Inside case

Hitec Aurora 9 UK case neck strap

Neck strap

Hitec Aurora 9 UK case secured

Aurora 9

Hitec Aurora 9 UK case secured

Aurora 9

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