Hitec Aurora 9 Review

May 30, 2012 by Brendon in Equipment, Reviews

This is not an indepth review like RCGroups did a couple years ago. This is a quick and dirty list of why I chose the Hitec Aurora 9 over other radios.

Hitec Aurora 9 Review

Aurora 9

Hitec Aurora 9 Review

Group photo

Hitec HPP-22 and Optima 7

HPP-22 and Optima 7



  • Ever since I saw Norf use an Aurora 9 in an Ardupirates video I knew I wanted to try one out.
  • Possible brownouts with my Spektrum DX6i. Flying LOS last year my quad, on more than one occasion, would lose control and crash. This could have been non radio related.
  • I wanted to get in to FPV and Spektrum’s reputation in it was not the best. Actually, any 2.4ghz radio for FPV gets a bad wrap. With that being said, many well known FPV quad flyers are using 2.4ghz and even the Aurora 9.
  • Battery telemetry out of the box on the Aurora 9. This is great for FPV if you don’t have an OSD.
  • I like new stuff.


  • I ordered the Aurora 9 from Great Hobbies. More expensive, but a good Canadian company with
  • I bought the neck strap, neck strap balancer, and flashing module (HPP-22) from eBay. All real Hitec gear.
  • Two Optima 7 receivers. One came in the bundle from Great Hobbies. The other was free from a promotion from Hitec.


  • Friendly configuration. This is a perfect radio for any RC rookie (like me). Super simple configuration with the touch screen.
  • Well detailed manual.
  • Easy flashing of software update, saving models, etc.. Most people will say this is a con when comparing to the flashing methods of other radios. However, I don’t think Hitecs method is a con just because you need to hook it up to a computer. It was quite easy to do.
  • Lower price. With the Aurora 9, you get both high quality and lower price when comparing to other radios.
  • Battery telemetry for FPV. I use this all the time. I do not need a separate LiPo monitor on my quads anymore because this works so well for me.
  • Switchable modules. If I chose to get into a long range system, the Aurora 9 should be able to handle it with little modifications.
  • The quality feel when holding it. My DX6i felt like a toy. The Aurora 9 feels like an expensive piece of equipment.


  • Binding the TX and RX is a pain. I am surprised I could do it without asking for another hand.
  • Battery life with the stock battery is not the greatest. There is an option to upgrade to a 2cell LiPo.
  • I am not a thumb flyer and it took some practice and a few flights to get my hands positioned correctly to pinch fly.
Aurora 9 Neck strap

Neck strap

Aurora 9 Neck Strap Balancer

Neck strap balancer


Pricing break down

  • Aurora 9 with Optima 7: $429.99CDN
  • Additional Optima 7: Free from Hitec promotion!
  • Neck strap: $6.49USD
  • Neck strap balancer: $15.79USD
  • Flashing module (HPP-22): $24.95USD
  • Total: $477.22 (without exchange conversion and shipping)

For under $500CDN I got a very nice radio system that I can grow with. It has worked without any issues so far and I don’t expect any issues in the future.

Here are some additional links for the Hitec Aurora 9:

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