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May 29, 2012 by Brendon in Other, Reviews


Finding reliable, customer friendly and helpful online stores to order from when first getting in to a hobby can sometimes be tricky. Here is a list of places I regularly visit when ordering.


  • I have bought most of my FPV equipment from RMRC
  • I have ordered: Fatshark Dominators, video transmitter and receiver, patch antenna, propellers, camera, LayerLens, etc..
  • Amazing customer service. I had burnt out a 400mW 1300MHz video TX on my second FPV flight with it. I emailed RMRC with a few photos and they replaced it with little questions asked.
  • When shipping with USPS I am not charged COD.

Great Hobbies

  • Great Canadian website with multiple shipping locations
  • Prices are sometimes higher than other shops (Aurora 9 specifically)
  • I have ordered: iCharger 106b+, random nuts and bolts, Aurora 9
  • Quick shipping if you are in Canada


  • This is my new place to order batteries since HobbyKing takes forever to ship them.
  • I have ordered over 6 SkyLipo batteries without issues
  • I ordered Dynam Detrum 25A ESC’s to flash. No issues so far.
  • I have never been charged more than $10 for shipping to Canada, and no COD charges!


  • Everyone knows who HobbyKing
  • I have ordered motors, batteries, ESC’s and much more from them
  • Good place to buy if you can find the items you want in stock


  • The location of this shop is in Saskatoon, which is only 2 hours away from where I live.
  • I have ordered my first set of brushless motors from them. Real Hacker A20-20L’s.
  • Quick supplier of APC props.


  • Great place to buy bulk bits and pieces
  • I have ordered JST, deans, and bullet connector multiple times
Local Hobby Shop
  • I try to support my local hobby shop as much as I can.
  • Very good for items that are common to all things RC.
  • I have had issues finding specific things though. Thats where the other shops in this list really pull through.
Have any shops you love? Leave them in the comments below.


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