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June 11, 2012 by Brendon in Equipment, Reviews

In the couple years that I have been in the hobby, I have tried out most popular propeller makes in 10 and 8 inch sizes. Propellers vary from make to make. From the plastic, the balancing, the quality of moulds, etc.. Its important to know what each propeller offers because they can become costly very quickly. Especially when you are learning to fly.

Here are the propellers I have flown, what I think about them, and who should be using them.

APC 10×4.7

  • More expensive at  $9.59USD per pair (CW, CCW)
  • Stiff allowing a solid feel when flying. Sounds very solid as well.
  • Brittle pastic that easily cracks or breaks.
  • I have never had one break during flight.
  • I used these propellers on my first quad. I would not recommend using them when learning to fly. I spent a lot of money learning the basics with these.

EPP 10×4.7

  • Cheap at $2.99USD a pair. I bought 24 pairs for around $60 from RCTimer last summer.
  • Flexible plastic which doesn’t break as easy when hitting objects. They sound like a lawnmower when flying.
  • I have had a lot of these break midflight. They were used on my first, heavy quadcopter. I have read they work fine when used on lighter crafts.
  • RCTimer now has carbon reinforced props. I imagine these are better than what I was flying.
  • I recommend these for beginners and sport flying on lighter quadcopters.

GAUI 8×4.5

  • $9.99USD for a set (2 CW and 2 CCW). Good price.
  • Multiple colors to choose from. Important for line-of-sight flying where you want to mark the front or back for orientation.
  • Stiff, but not brittle. I have ran these into trees and they have not broken, only gouged.
  • I have had one break at the hub during flight. The propeller was previously in a crash which could have had something to do with it. I have also read of others having issues with breaks during flight.
  • Very popular with 450 size quadcopters.
  • I would use these for FPV or sport flying.

Draganfly 8×4.5

  • $4.95USD a pair.
  • These remind me of the EPP propellers I bought, however I have not had any break midflight.
  • Flexible.
  • I have only flown these a few times. They have performed well and look forward to trying them again.

APC 8×3.8

  • $7.59USD a pair.
  • Brittle and stiff plastic just the 10×4.7’s.
  • I have not broken any midflight.
  • I only have a few line-of-sight flights with these.

I have not been 100% happy with any of the propellers I have flown this far. If they break in the air or are so brittle that they crack when brushed by a branch, what good are they? I would like to give GAUI another chance since a lot of skilled pilots use these.

Next on my list of props to try are the Gemfan carbon filled 8×4.5 and the Graupner 8×4.5.  From what I have read, the Graupner’s are of the highest quality, but they are quite a lot more expensive. I have seen them for sale around $30 for a pair.

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